Inflammatory proceses, Muscle injuries, any back pain, neck pain, whiplash, disc injuries, arthritis, sport injuries, tennis elbow, headaches and migraine, digestive disorders, period pain & irregularity, sinusitis, recurrent infection, asthma, chest complaints, stress, depression, fatigue, general ill health, childhood problems, liver diseases, insomnia, sudden panic, fear after car accident, violation of viability after divorce, psychological trauma after the rape, after the attack on  the street after the theft, emotional dependency, stress, weight problems, relationship problems, nervous asthma, eczema, hair loss, alopecia,

arthritis, fibromyalgia, lumbalgia,

immune system related disorders.

Phobias and fears: flight, fear of dating. Claustrophobia- fear of small spases. Agarafobia- fear of large spases.

Fear of drowning


Sexual Problems, impotence, frigidity, refusing sexual contact.

Nimfomaniya- constant desire for sex, sexual dissatisfaction, lack of orgasm.

Constant worry for any occasion.

Fear of ill, fear of insects, fear of snakes.

​If you have a symptom (health problems), we didn't listed on this page, you can call us to have Doctor advice anytime. We open for everyone!

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What we offer you:

We offer combination of several treatments. 

In our team, we also have GP, MD providing  free services for you, Covered by OHIP. Stress related problems , insomnia, relationship and family problems, Weight Loss....

..........(see below please)



Our services based on traditional and integrated medicine. We do not  prescribe medication to make extra income, if the patient can be healed without drugs, traditional way. Most of drugs helping to temporary reduce or stop the pain, most of the time the same drug that was prescribed to you, creating another greater problems. Please make sure before taking any medication or before giving any medication to your child, make a research and think about what you have to do.

Acupuncture Treatment $60, Osteopathy Treatment $80

Initial Assessment visit for Acupuncture and Osteopathy $120.